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Category Archives: Agile Testing

  • What is Scaled Agile Framework?

    Also known as SAFe, the scaled agile framework is a type of development methodology created by the team at Scaled Agile. When they first developed this framework, they did so from a perspective of utilising principles both agile and lean, …

    • 29/01/2018
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    • Posted by Wendy
  • Session-Based Test Management: Part 1 – Strategising Testing Using BDD and Exploratory Testing

    This is the first post in a four-part series on Session based test Management. In this post Mark will share how to stratagise testing using BDD. Behaviour driven development is often misunderstood. Testers sometimes mistake it as a methodology for …

    • 02/11/2017
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    • Posted by Rachel
  • Continuous Testing Opens the Gateway to “Faster Time to Market”

    Living in the age of agile demands to be equipped with tools and techniques that empower to be agile. Companies are striving hard to be agile to gain the edge to be ahead of their competitors but to be fully …

    • 24/07/2017
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    • Posted by Pavan
  • Extreme Programming And Agile Development in Scrum

    There are number of different ways to implement Agile development and testing. Scrum has proved to be the most popular but others like extreme programming also have  their benefits. For the curious among you, “scrum” was a term used in …

    • 20/07/2017
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    • Posted by Rohit
  • How BDD Techniques Helped Me Optimise My Testing: My QA Journey in Last Two Decades

    Dear QA Friends, In this article I’ll be sharing how BDD techniques are helping me in optimising manual and automation testing which resulted in pushing newer software updates at higher pace and lesser bugs than traditional testing techniques. I have …

    • 10/07/2017
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    • Posted by vikram
  • Turbo Response Accelerator- Approach on Shift-Right Testing Strategy

    Today, DevOps is increasingly becoming the way to develop, test, and operate. This warrants to build quality from the very beginning, starting with requirement gathering stage till deployment and operation. Speed and continuous delivery of software is key to survive …

  • Testing in Agile: 5 Tips for Building your Test Team in Agile

    Testing in Agile is not easy. Everybody is talking about test engineers as part of Scrum teams, but what happened to the test team? Is there a place for a test team in the Agile world? Although there is no …

    • 08/06/2017
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    • Posted by Aleksandar
  • Agile for StartUps – Why Startups Love Agile

    Unlike the already established large organizations, which tend to oppose taking big risks and already have a detailed process set in place, startups are considered to be risk takers. Big companies use the typical “waterfall” methodology in order to manage …

    • 11/05/2017
    • one comment
    • Posted by Blake
  • What is Agile Testing and How to Avoid Agile Pitfalls

    Agile development methods can help organizations speed up their software production cycles while maintaining strict quality assurance guidelines. The software development market has never been as competitive as it is today. More organizations are throwing their hats into the ring, …

    • 22/03/2017
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    • Posted by Daragh
  • Busting A Testing Myth: Merge Roles in Agile

    This is the first part of the new series on Huddle; Busting a Testing Myth. Each month we invite members of the community to share some aspect of the software testing industry that they think is generally accepted but might …

    • 15/03/2017
    • no comments
    • Posted by Alexander
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