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Testers and Teams on the Agile Fluency™ Journey

Reading Time: 1 minute

Going “Agile” can confer a number of benefits of an organization, but all too often those promised benefits aren’t fully delivered. Do you have the visibility you need to understand progress and make timely market-focused decisions? Do your teams deliver business and customer value? Do your teams ship on a frequency and with the level of quality your customers can, and want, to accept? Are your software deliverables sustainable and maintainable? Does innovation flourish in and across teams? How about reduced cycle time? A model of the predictable, observable fluent proficiencies of agile team competency helps managers and leaders define the benefits they’re getting, determine the benefits they really want, and plan next steps. It helps all team members, including test, know their path on the journey and identify next steps.

In this webinar, Diana Larsen explores how everyone can use the model to analyse and monitor progress of Agile teams.

Key Takeaways:

  • Role of Testing/Testers as teams develop fluent proficiency
  • Relevance of focusing on benefits and investments
  • “Agile” can and should look different for different teams


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Diana Larsen (

Diana is author of Liftoff 2nd ed.: Start and Sustain Successful Agile Teams; Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great; Five Rules for Accelerated Learning; and co-originator of the Agile Fluency(TM) Model. A founding partner of FutureWorks Consulting, she leads the practice area for Agile software development, team leadership, and Agile transitions. Diana delivers inspiring conference keynote talks and has contributed as a leader with Agile Alliance, Organization Design Forum, and the Agile Open Initiative.

Twitter:: @DianaOfPortland @AgileFluency

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