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Improve your Flexibility by Mastering Different ways of Testing

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Agile asks for more flexibility when it comes to ways of testing. A lot of testers master one or maybe two ways of testing. Some apply a way of testing which is focused on preparing test scripts upfront, others apply a form of exploratory testing. And none of these ways of testing is right or wrong, but in some situations scripted testing fits better, in other situations a form of exploratory testing fits better. So professional testers master different ways of testing. There are still many testers trying to apply their favourite way of testing in situations where that way doesn’t fit best and this sometimes makes these testers less successful.

In this webinar, six different ways of testing will be presented that, in the opinion of the presenter, should be mastered by every tester. These six ways are detailed scripting, global scripting, session based testing, bug hunts, test tours and freestyle exploratory testing. By mastering these six ways testers become more flexible and are capable to apply testing in every situation in an optimal way.

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Jan Jaap Cannegieter

Jan Jaap is a well-known consultant, author, (keynote) speaker and requirements and test specialist form the Netherlands. He has 20 years of experience in ICT and did assignment s in testing, quality assurance, TMMi, CMMI, SPI, Agile  and requirements. In testing he was a tester, test manager, test consultant and workshop leader. At this moment Jan Jaap is test/QA-manager and delivery manager at DinamiQs and vice president of SYSQA B.V., a company of 180 employees specialized in requirements, software testing, quality assurance and IT-governance. Within SYSQA Jan Jaap coaches other testers and test managers, is the thought leader and responsible for product development. He is the driving force behind Situational Testing and he wrote several articles and books in the Netherlands.

Twitter: @jjcannegieter

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