9 Characteristics of Agile Methodologies to Turbo-charge Your Testing

Rex Black


Discover characteristics of Agile Methodologies to turbo charge your testing in this webinar. Every life cycle affects testing, and Agile is no exception. A number of elements of the Agile methodologies can create opportunities for testing, when properly implemented. Rex discusses the key testing opportunities created by the Agile approach, so that you can recognize and take advantage of them. Key Takeaways: See the opportunities that agile lifecycles present to testers Use agile methodologies to increase software quality View agile talks at the EuroSTAR Conference Find more agile webinars on the EuroSTAR Huddle.....

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About Me!

Rex Black isPresident of RBCS (www.rbcs-us.com), a leader in software, hardware, andsystems testing. For almost twenty years, RBCS has delivered consulting,outsourcing and training services in the areas of software, hardware, andsystems testing and quality. As the leader of RBCS, Rex is the most prolificauthor practicing in the field of software testing today.

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