Unlocking Agile Testing

Tonislava Docheva


Agile testing has emerged as a proven methodology that can help companies meet this challenge. By implementing agile testing practices, companies can improve time to market by 18-20%. This eBook focuses on the advantages of agile testing and the principles that underpin it. We will also explore the tools and strategies that companies can adopt to achieve full testing agility and speed. We will discuss the role of popular tools like Jira and Xray in promoting collaboration, transparency, and commitment within agile testing projects. Whether you are new to agile testing or looking to improve your existing practices, this eBook…....

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About Me!

Tonislava Docheva is a Product Marketing Manager at Xray. She is at the intersection of product and marketing and focuses on advocating for customer needs and championing their success.

She thrives on connecting and interacting with the testing community and creating conversations around the future of software testing and quality.

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