5 Most Popular Agile Testing Tools of All Time

Agile testing concepts have always been a favorite of development firms. The easiness of catching errors and the faster process of finding them out- all these comprise of the best practices that ultimately lead to developing an error-free solution.

Agile testing is becoming the best method to test and deploy a developed solution in the market rapidly. The tools supporting agile testing are used widely to make the tasks even easier.

In this article I will discuss five of the Best Agile Testing Tools every tester should know about.

There are a plethora of testing tools available in the market. But it becomes crucial to choose the one that supports the testing process and helps enhance the results.


  1. Selenium Webdriver

Selenium is one of the oldest and yet popular testing support tools. It helps automate the testing process and supports faster and efficient testing strategy execution. This tool is dedicated to testing web-based applications and provides support for running multiple tests automatically and produce the best results.

Selenium doesn’t include support for desktop applications. Solutions developed using Java, C#, Python, Ruby, PHP programming languages can be tested automatically using this tool.

  1. Zephyr

Zephyr is a real-time test management tool integrating new-edge concepts to plan excellent testing strategies. It delivers a complete package as Zephyr includes support for not only Agile testing, but it also supports V-model, waterfall, and more. Zephyr can be easily integrated with JIRA to improve testing management efficiency. 

Zephyr is a new-edge testing support tool that provides support for dynamic changes in the test strategy and enables an excellent testing environment to work upon the product. 

  1. Apache JMeter

An open-source tool written in Java language, Apache JMeter, delivers excellent results by checking the application for their functional behavior and by putting a heavy load on the webserver to test its durability. It uses resources like Servlet, FTP servers, Java objects, and more to prepare for efficient testing.

If a development firm decides to go for Apache JMeter to test their developed app solutions, the tool helps them analyze and produce the results that can be plotted on the graph as it includes support for visualization and data analysis.

Apache JMeter can be used for performance testing of an app, e.g., whether firms create an uber clone or use server-side development to program servers, it serves both with the same functions and provides excellent results.

  1. Worksoft

Worksoft is dedicated to conducting agile testing on enterprise applications and delivers support for continuous test automation. It is a framework that lets users not belonging to the technical domain to conduct testing on the product and provide end-to-end results efficiently.

It excels at providing continuous support as it delivers support for frequent app updates and keeps the testing environment ready to provide exceptional support for conducting tests to find system issues and data transfer problems.

  1. SoapUI

SoapUI delivers services as an open-source tool, and there are premium versions also available. It is a popular REST and Service-Oriented Architecture testing tool that provides excellent support to testers. API testing and testing on web services are the key domains where SoapUI excels. The interface is very easy to use as it supports the test case creation by dragging and dropping one in the test environment.

It includes support for various testing- regression, load, functional, and more. It also includes support for data-driven testing that makes it easier to conduct testing efficiently.


There are various testing tools and frameworks available in the market to support the testing process. The importance of testing in the development life cycle can never be ignored as it promises to deliver excellent support. However, it is vital to choose the one that suits your requirements and provides efficient support for testing developed solutions. 

Efficient testing plots an excellent solution that never fails to excel at performing and delivering expected results to its users. And with the right set of tools and expertise of testers, it becomes even more comforting to execute the same.

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