What can our Industry Learn from Aviation?

On the 29th of April, EuroSTAR Conferences 2019 keynote Alexandre Bauduin will return to take the stage at Test & Quality Summit in Dublin with his keynote ‘What Can Our Industry Learn from Aviation?’ Read on for more information about his talk.

Tests and checks outcome are indicators of the quality of your product. Flight simulators are not mass produced, but putting together more than twenty millions lines of code, one million mechanical parts, several kilometers of wires almost each week and testing a device that replicates “the world of flying” is not an easy task. Some errors, bugs (we call them “snag” in aviation) could be costly, especially when they are recurrent: Hard to find, sometimes requiring hours of work just to access the faulty area or find THAT line of code (that one caused a 500.000.000USD loss).

The tester can then “just write  tickets” or be part of the feedback loop that helps improving the business.

Take away:

– You might learn a lot by talking with your testers rather than looking at a dashboard.

– A fix is valid for given set of conditions (at least in the flight simulator context).

– Testing starts with requirements, not after lines of code (or pieces of hardware) have been made.

– Testing is learning about your product

– Context driven testing: From  “what I have to test?” to “why am I testing?”

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