Maintaining Quality Standards When Nothing Stays Constant

Mia Johansson

Data Ductus

Building A House Maintaining Quality Standards When Nothing Stays Constant By now, software projects have been around for a while. However, in the grand scheme of things, they are still quite a new phenomenon. Methodologies in projects are moving into being more agile and most projects and companies use project retrospectives to learn from the past and to improve. Still, in the software business we have a challenge when it comes to adapting well to change. Especially when it comes to Quality Assurance and maintaining high quality of delivery. It is always beneficial to look at other business areas when…....

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About Me!

I have worked with Quality Assurance since 2001. I have tested, educated customers in the importance of testing, outlining test strategies and acted as Test Manager in all kinds of areas during that time.

The last twelve years I have worked in agile projects, adapting processes and ways of working within test and verification for complex systems. Since 2015 I am the QA Manager at Data Ductus. I am responsible for test and QA strategies both on a project- and company level and work with customer communication to spread
the word on QA.

Twitter: @falamh

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