Neuroscience; The Secret to Becoming a Better Agile Coach

Philiy Lander

Agile Coach & Trainer

Ever wondered why you don’t seem to be getting anywhere with a team? That person you thought had made a breakthrough the next week reverts back to old behaviours? Attend this talk and learn about the basic parts of the brain, how people learn, develop new behaviours, how stress affects the brain, and how you can use all of this information to be a better Agile Coach. Key Takeaways: Learn some models that you can apply to yourself and your teams Learn how to harness how the brain works to work more effectively with your teams....

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About Me!

Philiy Lander has worked with different types of teams, co-located, distributed, mixture of in house and 3rd party and teams that include SMEs not used to working in a development environment. Philiy has also started teams off from scratch, introducing them to Scrum and XP practices to help shape how they work and produce their new product.
Philiy says she entered the IT Industry to challenge herself to something new and has gained technical knowledge around the production of applications, system architecture, automation (Specflow, Selenium, c#). Having seen products produced throughout the development lifecycle working as a QA, Philiy discovered Scrum and found her passion. Twitter: @PhiliyLander 

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