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Being a Tester in SCRUM

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In this webinar Carsten will talk about how it is, being a tester entering and working in a project team that uses scrum.

First of all it can be a bit of rough ride for anyone if scrum is all new to you, but even if it isn’t, there are many small variations from project to project – there’s no single way of doing scrum. You will inevitably have to figure out how to perform in your role as a tester.

In scrum there are a number of events in which you, as a team member, will participate in. Most of them lend themselves more to the actual production of software, and less to measuring the quality of what’s being produced. Sprint planning, backlog revising, daily scrums and retrospectives are events that you as a tester can use to put more focus on quality and the work you do.

Also, even if your team is super-agile minded, the surroundings of the project often are not (yet, sadly). So there may be a number of demands on you for producing documents. How to deal with that? In this webinar Carsten will share his thoughts on it.

Overall, Carsten think working in scrum is a wonderful thing for a tester, and we have in our toolbox some really cool things that can add to the team performance on the whole.

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Carsten Feilberg

Carsten Feilberg has been in IT for more than 20 years, 14 of which has focused on test and test management. His experience ranges from small projects to large-scale programs. People and human interaction plays a vital role in his work, being a PSL graduate and studying behavioral economics in his spare time.

He tweets from @carsten_f and is a well-known blogger and presenter at conferences, strongly advocating common-sense in programming and testing and applying the context-driven principles. He lives and works in Denmark as a consultant at House of Test.

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