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The Role of a Tester in Agile Enterprise

Reading Time: 1 minute

In a classical Agile team, testers and developers work together in Feature teams to produce functioning software at each sprint. Sounds simple, right? But as enterprises scale up their Agile adoption, the Agile Feature teams must work in concert with many other teams, such as Component teams, and System teams, in order to achieve the goal of functioning software. These teams all form part of the ‘team of teams’ often known as the Release Train, and testers play a key role in each of these teams. In this webinar, Malcolm will explore each of these teams and their functions, and their interactions with the rest of the enterprise, from the perspective of the tester. He will also take a look at some testing tools and techniques that testers in each of these enterprise teams can leverage to increase overall quality.

Key Takeaways

  • Recognize the different teams that make up the Agile enterprise, and their relationships with each other
  • Understand the role of the tester in each of these teams
  • Learn about tools and techniques that testers in each of these teams can leverage



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Malcolm Isaacs

Malcolm is a Functional Architect in HP Software’s Application Delivery Management group, focusing on best practices and methodologies across all aspects of the software development lifecycle. During the course of his career, Malcolm has worked in various positions including software engineer, team leader, and architect. In 2003 he joined Mercury (later acquired by HP), where he worked on a number of products which specialize in supporting traditional and agile software development lifecycles from planning through deployment.

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