The T-Shaped Tester

Erik van Veenendaal

Improve IT Services BV, Bonaire (CN)

In this Agile era the concept of being a T-shaped person is a popular one. This is defined as someone who is capable in many things and an expert in one of them. Also testers are now expected to be T-shaped. Many talk about this concept, and many testers today state they are a T-shaped. But what is a T-shaped tester? What is expected in terms of attitude, knowledge and skills? Get Key Actionable Learnings After reading this eBook you will: Understand the need for a tester to become T-shaped Understand the concept of a T-shaped person Be able to…....

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About Me!

Drs. Erik van Veenendaal, CISA (, is a leading international consultant and trainer, and a recognized expert in the area of software testing and requirement engineering. Erik is the (co-)author of numerous papers and a number of books (see below) on software quality and testing. He is a regular speaker at both national and international testing conferences and a leading international trainer in the field of software testing.

Since its foundation in 2002, Erik has been strongly involved in the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB). From 2005 to 2009, he was the vice-president of the ISTQB organization; living in Bonaire, today he is the president for the Curaçao Testing Qualifications Board (CTQB).

Erik one of the core developers of the TMap test methodology and the TMMi test improvement model, and currently the CEO of the TMMi Foundation. For his major contribution to the field of testing, Erik received the European Testing Excellence Award (2007) and the ISTQB International Testing Excellence Award (2015). You can follow Erik on  Twitter@ErikvVeenendaa       LinkedIn: @Erik van Veenendaal

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