Scaling Agile with LeSS (Large Scale Scrum)

Elad Sofer

Practical Agile

Now days, Agile software development has crossed the chasm, and it is time for the “late adopters” to start joining the game. This means that more and more BIG organisations are looking for solution to the problem know as “Large scale Agility”, but what is large scale agility? How can you implement agile in a big and complex organization? There are several framework that try to address this challenge, my preferred one is #LeSS. In this webinar, Elad will cover the principles that the #LeSS framework has to offer in order to enable bug organisations to become agile.    ....

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About Me!

Elad is first and foremost a SW engineer, Several years ago he was infected with the agile virus and has not been able to “shake the disease” ever since. He is now traveling across the IT industry with a mission to infect other people.He is now helping software projects, teams and organizations, varying from small to big, from lightweight startups to government Offices in

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