Measuring Release Quality and Delivering Release Value

Marina Bechaalani


Within a 2000+ employees company, it is very challenging to ensure that the needed quality is delivered to clients. Clients should have the same experience using the final product from release to release. My motivation for creating a metric started with a famous definition of quality by Jerry Weinberg, “Quality Is Value To Some Person” enriched later on by Michael Bolton with “at some time” and by James Bach with “who matters”: “Quality Is Value To Some Person, At Some Time, Who Matters” If we will not concretize and align upfront on the “values to persons who matter today”, we…....

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About Me!

I am a Quality Assurance Consultant at Murex focusing on testing activities (new developments testing and system testing) (8 years) and currently is the Release Test Lead at Murex (3 years). As part of the recent Murex agile transformation, I am responsible for tracking the releases from an end to end perspective, from their inception until clients’ delivery, aiming at ensuring the adequate level of delivered releases quality from all stakeholders’ point of view. I introduced new means to measure release quality (during and after its built) to enhance delivering higher value to clients.

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