Continuous Performance Testing with NeoLoad

Henrik Rexed


Are you trying to do load and performance testing in an Agile environment but find yourself asking, “Am I actually doing this right?” Or maybe you have a number of tests that are running with your Continuous Integration builds, but was not  able to effectively incorporate load and performance testing into that automation. Many organizations today are struggling with questions about load and performance testing in an Agile or Continuous Testing process. In this webinar with Henrik Rexed, a Performance Specialist at Neotys and a leading provider of load testing software for web and mobile applications you will hear about best…....

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About Me!

Henrik is a Performance Specialist at Neotys, a leading provider of load testing software for web and mobile applications. He has been orchestrating and conducting performance tests for over 10 years, delivering projects in all contexts including extremely large Cloud testing on the most demanding business areas such as trading applications, Video on Demand (Adaptive streaming), sports websites, etc.

Prior to Neotys, Henrik worked as .NET architect for Logica and Performance testing expert on large accounts in a variety of industries including insurance, car industry, retail and energy. Amongst the numerous initiatives he worked on, Henrik has built the performance Center of Excellence (CoE) handling load testing of all the European branches of a major French insurance company.

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