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Power of Naïve and other Safe-to-Fail Experiments

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One of the most significant issues affecting both Agile and traditional teams is our ability to learn quickly, especially when we are faced with a problem or opportunity we know little about.   In this webinar, Ray Arell will talk about the benefits of doing safe-to-fail experiments and probes to gain knowledge quickly.  This will include talking about what are safe-to-fail probes, how to set them up, how to interpret data, and how to learn and refine experiments.

Lastly,  he will talk about the key attributes that need to be established to be able to amplify or dampen experiments to guide the creation of higher value for your customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • What are safe-to-fail experiments?
  • Key attributes of failing and succeeding experiments

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Ray Arell

About Ray Arell

Ray Arell is the president of nuAgility, LLC and the Corporate Outreach & Business Development person for Agile Alliance. His 30+ year career has been dedicated to building exceptional teams, communities, and products. Through his leadership, he has directly developed and transformed several successful worldwide organizations, and over the past five years has been coaching other leaders to do the same with their teams. He is recognized as an industry leader in large-scale adoptions of Agile, lean, and complex systems engineering practices, and he has delivered over 20+ keynotes and workshops sharing his knowledge across the globe. Ray is also a member of the Agile Alliance staff where he is focused on helping the non-profit help corporate members take better advantage of the Agile mindset and methods. Before nuAgility, Ray was a Sr. engineering director/engineer at Intel Corporation, where he helped deliver many cutting edge semiconductor products.  He was also the Sr. Director/Executive coach in charge of the companywide adoption of Agle and Lean.

Twitter: @elmoray @nuagilityllc

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