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Transformation and Learning to Build the Test Community of Practice

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Transformation and Learning to Build the Test CoP

As teams transform to a more agile approach and the Dev Cells push for greater autonomy, how do we still ensure that the test discipline can continue to drive best practice and ensure alignment to an overarching strategy? In this new way of working people are looking to remove the ineffective line management style of ‘command and control’, and replace it with a more engaging model of coaching and mentoring. The problem with the hierarchical style of a centralised test function is that it cannot cope with an agile approach, where decisions need to be made quickly within the squad itself; there can be confused loyalty of squad versus function and the function may not see the needs of the squad member in relation to building necessary skills.

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Shane Kelly

Shane believes in driving the changes required to transform peoples ways of ways of working, to build autonomy and develop towards a true DevOps culture.

He works closely with teams to provide coaching and training, enabling them to feel engaged with the new approach and embrace better ways of working, with the main aim of helping them to deliver at speed whilst staying aligned to a successful Test Community of Practice..

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