The Real Agile Testing Quadrants

Michael Bolton


Over the last several years, a set of ideas and activities have been dumped into a steamer trunk called Agile software development. Agile development has hit mainstream recognition, even though there is often uncertainty and turmoil around what “Agile development” means, in theory and in practice—and that uncertainty and turmoil affects Agile projects and the people in them. James Bach and Michael Bolton, authors of Rapid Software Testing, hear testers expressing a good deal of pain over the role of the tester and the structure of testing activity in Agile projects. There are some discussion points, such as Mike Cohn’s…....

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About Me!

Michael Bolton is a software tester, consultant, and trainer with 20 years of experience around the world, testing, developing, managing, and writing about software. He is the co-author (with senior author James Bach) of Rapid Software Testing, a course that presents a methodology and mindset for testing software expertly in uncertain conditions and under extreme time pressure. Currently, he leads DevelopSense, a Toronto-based consultancy. Prior to that, he was with Quarterdeck Corporation for eight years, during which he managed the company’s flagship products and directed project and testing teams both in-house and around the world. Contact Michael at [email protected], or through his Web site,

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