Waterfall to DevOps – The Journey Between Two Worlds

Hanna Dernbrant


What’s it like moving from Waterfall to DevOps? This live session will explore what it’s like moving from a waterfall mindset to working with DevOps. How does this affect how you work? How does it affect your testing team? What does it mean for you? In this session, Hanna will explore some of her experiences in making the jump to DevOps and how she has adopted to the change. She also explores the differences and similarities between the two worlds going from working in a MedTech project in Waterfall to a retail project in DevOps. The talk will start with…....

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About Me!

Hanna Dernbrant is a Quality Catalyst at Jayway by Devoteam. In her current job, she works in the retail industry with a DevOps project built with Microservices. Hanna started her testing career by getting some training in testing at her first job after university, it was love at first sight! Throughout her 8 years in testing, she has worked in multiple fields such as MedTech and Telecom and in a lot of different stages of testing. Being a very curious person Hanna loves the ever-changing world of testing. When she’s not working you’ll most likely find her outside walking her dog or binge-watching some old tv-series.

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