DevOps: Test Alone

Bjorn Boisschot


As in the movie HomeAlone, it seems that Dev and Ops have gone on a journey and forgot to take testing/QA with them. We hear big companies tell stories that they have no more testers, all testing is done in production, everything is fully automated by dev, etc. The actual truth lies somewhere in between these statements! For most DevOps implementation, QA is actually crucial in order to succeed. DevOps however has a dramatic impact on the way we do QA! In this session, I will give you some concrete examples and tips on how we as QA engineers can…....

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About Me!

I am an IT professional with more than 15 years’ experience in quality assurance and how this fits into the software development cycle. I started as a test automation engineer and was quickly bitten by the question how test automation can deliver the most value. This has led me on a road to discover the links between development best practices and how QA can leverage these.

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