Test Improvement for Agile

Jeroen Mengerink


When we want to improve our testing, we need to question testing. But what are the right questions to ask in an Agile context? Current TPI models have proven to be a mismatch when assessing and improving the test process in this context. So what is missing in the current models and how can we improve testing in an Agile context? Jeroen will show key areas that are important when assessing Agile testing. We need to look broader than testing alone! The development context and the soft skills are important. Key Takeaways: What to focus on to improve testing within…....

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About Me!

Jeroen Mengerink is a test consultant for Polteq. Next to his work for clients, he is involved in various test innovations. His main area of expertise is Agile. Jeroen teaches several test courses e.g. about Agile (CAT), SOA and Cloud. He is co-author of the book and approach Cloutest(r) on how to test when cloud computing is involved. He has contributed as a speaker to various events for Polteq and her clients. In international assignments he has presented the results of TPI assessments to senior management. He presented several times at events like EuroSTAR, ChinaTest and TestNet on a large variety of subjects.

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