Testing in Agile Contexts – AMA

Bob Galen

Join Bob Galen for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) where Bob will take YOUR questions on all aspects of Agile. This EuroSTAR Deep Dive event is a fantastic opportunity to put your questions to a leading expert in Agile and testing in agile contexts. Bob Galen is President and Principle Agile Coach at RGalen Consulting. He has more than 20 years of in-depth agile experience. He is an accomplished author, trainer, and speaker who is widely recognised as one of the leading voices of pragmatic agility. Benefit from Bob’s in-the-trenches experience and submit your questions on ‘testing in agile contexts’.…....

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About Me!

An agile methodologist, practitioner, and coach, Bob Galen helps guide companies in their adoption of Scrum and other agile methodologies and practices. Bob is a principal agile evangelist at Velocity Partners; president of RGCG; and frequent speaker on software development, project management, software testing, and team leadership. He is a Certified Scrum Coach, Certified Scrum Product Owner, and an active member of the Agile and Scrum Alliances. Bob published Scrum Product Ownership–Balancing Value from the Inside Out.

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