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Chapter 3 of Guide to Advanced Software Testing: Second Edition

Test management is the art of planning and directing a test project or a test subprocess to success. It is in many ways like project management, and yet not quite the same. The fundamental ISTQB test process is described in Section 2.2. of the book. This process includes the test management activities of test panning, monitoring, control, and test closure. These activities form the basis for the corresponding ISO 29119 test management activities described here, and they are very similar in nature.

This eBook first describes how a test project management interacts “upward” with the development or maintenance project management it belongs to. This is followed by a description of how the test project management interacts “downward” with the management of its individual test subprocess . Finally the interaction between the test subprocess management and its dynamic and/or static test processes is described. Following this introduction, the individual activities in the test management process and their outcomes in the form of documents are described.

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Anne Mette Hass has worked in software testing for over 30 years. She is interested in the technical aspect of testing as well as in the human aspect; after all, testers are people, people are different, and differences should be understood and respected. Anne Mette has written the book “Guide to Advanced Software Testing” and taught ISTQB Foundation and Advanced Test Manager and Advanced Analyst numerous times. She has spoken at many conferences over most of the world and is fluent in English even though it is not her mother tongue.

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