Gear Up Your Application Performance

Leela Putten

IOCO & QualiBlaze Consulting

Performance Testing is a test discipline that forms part of the wider practice of performance engineering in IT. The QA & testing team can add a lot of value if they are equipped with the right knowledge and skills. They can promote continuous performance engineering and drive performance related validation and verification activities of applications. This eBook aims to equip and facilitate organisations with a practical approach to their performance engineering and testing strategy. It also covers some key pointers at a people, process and technology level to get to a culture of effective performance engineering....

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About Me!

Co-Founder at Qualiblaze Consulting, Specialist IT Consultant, Educator and Conference Speaker, Leela Putten is an IT specialist Consultant currently working in the Digital Transformation and IT Quality Assurance space.

Born in Mauritius, she pursued her MSc in Forensic Informatics in Scotland and later moved to South Africa for work opportunities and travel adventures. She started working in South Africa in 2009 and gained her experience across multiple industries for the past 12years+. Her current interest at work includes driving collaborative work cultures, empowering people and finding the ideal work-life balance. Outside of work, she dabbles in creative art projects, watches K-dramas, travels and spends quality time with her friends and family.

Career Highlights

1. Launching an internal security testing practice at a local bank and successfully meeting the company’s security audit target.
2. Running a department of highly performing innovative consultants where I focused on teamwork and coaching for my teams to focus on their strengths and find their voice during career conversations.
3. Letting go of the corporate ladder and re-discovering my freedom and purpose in the work industry through coaching and a servant leadership approach.

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