Put Your Mindset To The Test: The One Asset You Need To Shape Your Testing

Barry Ehigiator

Verisure Innovation

“Your mindset is the most powerful asset you need to shape your testing, and the contribution you make to your team.”   The discussion about mindset in the software testing world, is not new. But is really such a thing as a testing mindset?  If there is, how do we develop and nurture it? Importantly, how do we effectively utilise mindset to attain desired success in software testing? In this eBook, Barry explores the testing mindset through the lens of cognitive psychology. He focuses on the psychology of anxiety, expectation, and performance. This eBook will explore the importance of mindset…....

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About Me!

Barry Ehigiator is a Software Test Engineer at Verisure, working on products designed to enable customers to manage, and efficiently use their home smart alarms. His passion is in helping teams build a quality culture based on team responsibility, collaboration, and the implementation of a well-managed context driving testing.Barry is an avid learner, who is driven by engaging conversations and learning opportunities. When he is not advancing quality testing and systems, Barry is expanding his curiosity on human psychology, society, people, and culture. He also enjoys soccer, video games, and exercising.

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