Enabling a Security Testing Mindset – A Guide for Leaders, Coaches & Managers

Daniel Billing

Legal & General

The organisations that we work for all have something in common. We have assets we wish to protect. They might be physical, such as hardware and devices. Perhaps it’s financial assets or large data sets. But those assets can also be more abstract, such as the trust and reputation our customers and stakeholders have in us. In this webinar, we will discover the part that testers have to play here. Security testing is a practice that is largely ignored by development teams. This can be for a number of reasons. Perhaps it’s a lack of skills and knowledge in your…....

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About Me!

Dan has been a tester for 15 years, working within a diverse range of development organisations, mostly in the south west of England. He currently works as a Senior Test Architect at Medidata.

Dan’s love of testing drives him to become an active member of the testing community, helping to organise local tester meetups in the Bristol and Bath area. He is also a co­facilitator with Weekend Testing Europe, and also organises the South West Exploratory Workshop in Testing.

Dan lives in Frome, Somerset with his wife Rae, and cat, Misty

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