Zen And The Art Of Security Testing

Paco Hope


Some security experts would tell you that security testing is very different from functional or non-functional software testing. They are wrong. Having worked on both sides, Paco gives 3 specific recommendations for how testers can make significant contributions to the security of their software and applications by making small changes to the way they do their software testing. The first technique has to do with selecting points in the user journey that are ripe for security testing. The second is to leverage some common free tools that enable security tests. The final technique is adjusting old school boundary value testing…....

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About Me!

Author of two security books and frequent conference speaker, Paco Hope is a Principal Consultant with Cigital Ltd and has been working in the field of software security for nearly 15 years. Paco helps clients in the financial, retail, and online gaming industries build secure software by performing source code review and architectural risk analysis. He is also a member of an advisory council with (ISC)² and serves as a subject matter expert for the CISSP and CSSLP security certifications.

Twitter – @pacohope

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