Big Data – A New Testing Challenge

Adam Knight


Download a copy of these slides here. Over the last few years big data has grown from a marketing buzzword into a significant technology sector dominating both technology headlines and corporate IT strategies. Whilst there are many varied technologies, both new and old, that can lay claim to being part of this big data sector, there are common elements that characterise them. As more applications become part of the ‘Internet of things’ gathering increasing volumes of information, the testing of Big Data technologies is set to move from a niche market to become more of a mainstream testing challenge. When…....

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About Me!

Adam has been testing data storage and analysis software for over 10 years, with 7 of those spent working in an agile team.

Adam is an enthusiastic exponent of exploratory testing approaches backed by discerning use of automation. He is a great believer in creating multi-skilled teams based on rich and unique individual skill sets. At his current employer, RainStor, Adam has overseen the testing and technical support of a large scale “Big Data” storage system from its initial release through to successful adoption in some of the largest telecommunication and financial services companies in the world. He writes at

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