Should Developers be Responsible for Testing?

Janna Loeffler

Carnival Corporation

With more and more companies pushing test automation, developers are being asked to write automated and test their own code. Should developers be responsible for testing? Is it ever appropriate for developers to be responsible for all testing? How do manual testers and test automation engineers factor into all of this? Join Janna as she talks about some of the history of software testing, software testing today, and whether or not developers should be responsible....

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About Me!

Janna has over 15 years of software experience. She graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. From there she has gone on to work with companies like Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Gambro, Campus Management, and Emerson Process Management. In 2011, she joined The Walt Disney Company’s Parks and Resorts Digital division. She joined Walt Disney Imagineering as a Senior Software Test Engineer in 2015 and has recently joined Walt Disney Imagineering’s Ride Engineering studio.


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