Ignite Your Inner Innovator – Rebalancing for Testers

Chloe Burger

Professional Testing

Are you an innovator? The world changes quicker and quicker. Changing from structured testing in waterfall projects to testing complex landscapes. From being a tester in a dedicated test team to a developer in a scrum team. Change is the new status quo. Not just technical skills will help you survive, also important is your adaptability and ability to connect with the people around you. Sudden and unexpected change triggers your primal brain (amygdala) –Fight, Flight or Freeze. None of these states allows you to think freely, learn and explore… In an ever-changing environment it is very important to find…....

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About Me!

I am a test advisor at Professional Testing bv. I’m a hands-on, fit for purpose test advisor, scrum master and (agile) coach. Making a difference in international projects by having a context driven, customer/stakeholder focused and transparent approach. I became a strong believer in the people factor – focus for individual talents, group dynamics, learning environment, culture and communication – the key to success.

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