A Different Me – Episode 8

Dona Sarkar


Diversity and Inclusion is something that alot of companies are doing now and speaking about how we hire, groom, raise, aswell as how we make products. When we say that we are diverse and inclusive, it isnt just a nice thing for your company. Diversity can make your company more profitable. We need to understand that diversity isn’t just a person- they are not the ‘other’. Microsoft currently has an autistic hiring programme where individuals with super powers (as Dona sees it) help design better products. We can use these super powers to make a more inclusive company and build…....

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About Me!

I wish i was born a cat so I could have had nine lives. Since that didn’t work out, I decided to live nine lives in this one. I spend my days running the Windows Insiders program at Microsoft, celebrating diversity in STEM fields as a fashion blogger at Fibonacci Sequins, and launching my first fashion line called Prima Dona Style, this fall. I am the author of six works of fiction and nonfiction, including Scattered Ashes, which was deemed “too controversial” by fifteen publishing imprints! I feel very fortunate to have found my life’s calling: to help the next generation of creatives prepare for the technical revolution that’s about to transform everything—again.

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