A Different Me – Episode 5

Ezechi Britton

Founding Member & Principal at Impact X Capital Partners LLP

In this podcast episode we welcome Ezechi Britton from Code Untapped. When i asked Ezechi Britton what diversity and inclusion meant to him, he said diversity is metric and inclusion is about a sense of belonging. Inclusion is about opening a door and inviting people in but belonging is about making them feel welcome. When we get inclusion and belonging right, diversity flourishes. Ezechi Britton is from a mixed raced family and was born and bred in Lewisham in East London. He attended a very poor and underprivileged high school where the graduation pass rate was only 14%. Ezechi succeeded…....

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About Me!

With over 15 years of industry experience I have been a developer, fintech founder & CTO and now spend my time as a VC with Impact X Capital and am the founder of my latest venture, Code Untapped. I have gone from Developer to Co-Founder and CTO to serial entrepreneur and VC. It’s been quite a journey for me!

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