What to Expect from A Different Me

We are so thrilled that A Different Me is now live and available for the wider community to connect and listen to. So far we have received great feedback and we are glad that everyone is enjoying listening to the story we want to tell.

I wanted to create A Different Me because sometimes i think that we can all identify with ‘A Different Me’ inside us, one that we sometimes don’t show or that we keep a secret or perhaps want to tell everyone about! I think it is important to get talking about this ‘different me’ because it is part of who you are and deserves a voice too.

This podcast was designed to welcome people from all walks of life into a space that they feel comfortable sharing another side to themselves and perhaps use that narrative to welcome others to open up too. On my journey with creating this podcast, I have connected with some really amazing people with some really great stories that need to be heard, some of trials and hardship and others of triumph and joy and the listener can expect to feel connected and inspired by each episode.

We hope that you are excited to come on this journey with us and maybe you might discover something about yourself on the journey!

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