A Different Me – Episode 1

Isabel Evans

EuroSTAR Conference Programme Chair 2019

In the first episode of A Different Me, we speak with Isabel Evans who is the 2019 EuroSTAR Programme Chair and an enthusiastic supporter of inclusion and diversity through all works of life. As someone who suffers with anxiety when travelling, Isabel shares her own experience and observations, whilst highlighting the importance of this conversation. We are grateful to Isabel for coming on board to introduce our new podcast and hope you will get involved. If you would like to share your own personal story on diversity and/or inclusion, please contact [email protected] we’d be delighted to welcome you.  ....

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About Me!

In the age of technology transformation and the knowledge worker one of the key skills people need is the ability to effectively tell their story or their projects story to positively influence companies and products. I am a story teller and a practitioner, a teacher and a listener. I like to communicate through stories that resonate with people and enable them to use their voice in their personal and professional lives. I make technical concepts visual through the telling of stories. I take what can be obscure and communicates it in an honest and open fashion, allowing dialogue to evolve. My work is to enable people to become better informed and spark their inner curiosity on topics that affect how they engage in their own practice. I bring creativity and a spark to technical topics that engages teams in learning.

Whilst I have a sound theoretical basis for testing and quality, my own experience as a tester and as a quality consultant provides a practical approach with real life experiences. I have more than 30 years experience in the IT industry, mainly in quality management, testing, training and documentation. Most of my work has been with clients in the financial, communications and software sectors.

I am based in the UK, and travel world-wide to work and present.

I am a Certified IT Professional and Fellow of the British Computer Society. I received the 2017 Testing Excellence Award, at the EuroSTAR conference, Copenhagen November 2017 and am honoured to be the Programme Chair for the EuroSTAR Conference 2019, in Prague.

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