Cloud Native Transformation Patterns

Pini Reznik

Container Solutions

Cloud Native is more than a tool set. It is a full architecture, a philosophical approach for building applications that take full advantage of cloud computing. Going Cloud Native requires an organization to shift not only its tech stack but also its culture and processes. These human-centered changes can be the most difficult aspect of a transformation and many migrations stumble, or even fail, by making common mistakes rooted in cognitive bias. Patterns can help them avoid these pitfalls. This webinar will tell the story of a typical enterprise as it undertakes a cloud migration and, in the process, show…....

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About Me!

Pini Reznik is a Co-founder and CTO of Container Solutions, Pini oversees the architecture and implementation of Cloud Native migrations for organisations from every sector. His work spans two decades in the configuration management field, with current emphasis on DevOps, automation and Cloud Native CI/CD. He enjoys solving the challenges presented by emerging technology and, working with partners such as Cisco, Google and others. Pini recently became fascinated with the pattern languages and evolutionary design that help to collect and share knowledge in order to build complex systems in a series of small incremental steps.
Author of an O’Reilly book Cloud Native Transformation

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