Testing Cloud Services. How to test SaaS, PaaS and IaaS

Kees Blokland, Martin Pol, Jeroen Mengerink


This eBook provides an introduction to testing cloud services and gives an impression of the general strategy for coping with the introduction of cloud services from risk and test perspective. Cloud computing is a sea change in the way information systems are created and used. This simple fact is enough reason to investigate the phenomenon of cloud computing from a testing perspective. At the same time, it is useful to evaluate the testing profession from a cloud perspective because cloud computing offers interesting new options and solutions for a number of old bottlenecks. More and more organizations are choosing to…....

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About Me!

Prior to joining Polteq (www.polteq.com) in 2003 as a test consultant, Kees Blokland worked fourteen years for Lucent Technologies in various test positions, including test department manager. Now, as manager of R&D at Polteq, Kees develops their vision of testing and provides international test consulting. As senior test manager, Kees advises on test management, test improvement, and test outsourcing. He teaches a broad range of test classes, including ISTQB Advanced, TMap, and special topics, like Cloud, SOA, and outsourcing. Kees is a frequent speaker at conferences worldwide and one of the authors of the book: “Cloutest® Testing cloud services. The approach: from risk to test measures.”

Martin Pol has played a significant role in helping to raise the awareness and improve testing worldwide. He has gained experience by managing testing processes and implementing structured testing in many organizations in different branches. He was responsible for the creation of the TMap testing approach and the Test Improvement Model, TPI. Books are available in many languages. Martin Pol chaired the Dutch SIGIST for 5 years and EuroSTAR for three times. He received the “European Testing Excellence Award”. Martin is a regarded presenter at conferences and training sessions throughout Europe, North and South America, India, China and Australia. Martin is working for Polteq Test Services, based in The Netherlands and Belgium. He is still active in the testing practice every day.

Jeroen is a test consultant for Polteq. Next to his work for clients, he is involved in various test innovations. His main area of expertise is Agile. Jeroen teaches several test courses e.g. about Agile (CAT), SOA and Cloud. He is co-author of the book and approach Cloutest(r) on how to test when cloud computing is involved. He has contributed as a speaker to various events for Polteq and her clients. In international assignments he has presented the results of TPI assessments to senior management. He presented several times at events like EuroSTAR, ChinaTest and TestNet on a large variety of subjects.

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