Bitcoin and Free Thinking

Declan O'Riordan

Security Expert

Are you satisfied with your situation? If not you can try to accept it, or leave, or change yourself, or change the situation. Bitcoin and Blockchain were created by Cypherpunks who wanted to change their situation. Now they are succeeding. With free-thinking as their only resource, they challenged government control of currency, the associated legal and financial systems, hardware delivery lifecycles, established security models, and corporate exploitation of individuals’ personal data. The speculative frenzies around cryptocurrencies and blockchain are missing the big picture. These are just two outputs produced by the Cypherpunk techno-political philosophy. I believe there is much some…....

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About Me!

Declan started speaking at conferences in 2014. Within nine months he’d won the EuroSTAR prize for best conference paper and was voted the ‘do over’ session delegates would most like repeated. In 2015 Declan won the prize for best conference paper at the USA’s STAR East conference, and was on the EuroSTAR programme committee. In 2016 he was the first joint winner of the EuroSTAR best paper prize. In 2017 he was co-chair of the first UKSTAR and contributed to the EuroSTAR Little Book of Testing Wisdom. Then Cypherpunks introduced him to the red pill…

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