Embracing Adversity: a Learnership’s Story

Ezanne Grobler


Adversities are not uncommon in the business world, with organizations often facing challenges that can either make or break them. However, embracing adversity and turning it into an opportunity can help organizations overcome obstacles and thrive. This paper presents a case study of iOCO, a South African test consulting company that embraced adversities and created a test automation learnership to address these. South Africa is confronted with several social dilemmas because of their apartheid past. Two of these are an exceptional high unemployment rate as well as upskilling the previous disadvantage. In addition to these, iOCO faced a shortage of…....

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About Me!

Ezanne is a highly experienced professional, who effectively combines strong technical, problem-solving, and planning capabilities. She also assists in finding solutions to clients’ quality assurance challenges and/or delivering testing projects on time and on budget. She has more than 20 years’ experience in Quality Assurance and Testing, and possesses excellent business acumen and interpersonal skills. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience, and use her ability to communicate professionally across all levels – not just in consulting but also in being a vivid testing lecturer and mentor.

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