The State of Testing in DevOps


This is the second Benchmark Report on the State of Testing in DevOps created by mabl. Every year they send out a survey to gain insight into how leading DevOps practices are benefiting the business and the developer experience (DX). They analyse the results through the lens of testing to understand how QA processes are affected by DevOps transformations and look for key ways that teams can improve upon, ensuring product quality while shipping at speed. The data for this report comes from the results of a public survey from September 2019 to March 2020 and shared with the software…....

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About Me!

mabl is the leading intelligent test automation platform built for CI/CD.

It’s the only SaaS solution that tightly integrates automated end-to-end testing into the entire development lifecycle. Mabl’s native auto-heal capability evolves tests as the application UI evolves with development; and the comprehensive test results help users quickly and easily resolve bugs before they reach production.

Creating, executing, and maintaining reliable tests has never been easier. Mabl enables software teams to increase test coverage, speed up development and improve application quality – empowering everyone on the team with the ability to ensure the quality of the applications at every stage.

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