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xUnit Test Patterns is the definitive guide to writing automated tests using xUnit, the most popular unit testing framework in use today. Agile coach and test automation expert Gerard Meszaros describes 68 proven patterns for making tests easier to write, understand, and maintain. He then shows you how to make them more robust and repeatable–and far more cost-effective.

In this eBook we’ll look at one particular pattern, the Test Double Pattern.

When we are writing a test in which we cannot (or choose not to) use a real depended-on component (DOC), we can replace it with a Test Double. The Test Double doesn’t have to behave exactly like the real DOC; it merely has to provide the same API as the real DOC so that the SUT thinks it is the real one!

Download this eBook to read more about how the Test Double Pattern works and when to use it.

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The Author

Gerard Meszaros (Calgary, Alberta) is an Independent Consultant and CTO of FeedXL Pty Ltd. Over the years he has been involved in large-scale, corporatewide projects, offering specialist services and vast experience to some of the most successful organisations worldwide.

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