[eBook] The Power of Doubt: Becoming A Software Sceptic

Three words, “I don’t know“, might just be the hardest words to say in any language. We avoid saying them, scared of coming across as doubtful and uncertain. Colleagues expect us to be firm and certain, providing clear answers. Over the past years, Zeger Van Hese grew increasingly uncomfortable with that. He ended up having a hard time being sure of anything.

This eBook was the joint winner (with Declan O’Riordan) of the ‘Best Paper’ award at EuroSTAR 2016. It tells the the story of how Zeger embraced scepticism and how this influenced his testing: by adopting a sceptic manifesto and creating a portfolio of critical thinking heuristics that can be a valuable addition to any tester’s toolbox.

Key Takeaway:

Discover the tips you’ll need, not only on how to muster up the courage to admit not knowing things, but also on improving your questioning skills and reflexes to reject certainty, empowered by the biggest sceptical force of all: knowing that we’re easy to fool.