[Download] TMMi in the Agile Era

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This e-book introduces the reader to the TMMi model for test process Improvement. Today TMMi is the most commonly used model, and as such the de-facto standard, for test process Improvement in the World [1]. Despite encouraging results at various initiatives the IT industry is still far from zero-defects. Also the current shift in many industries and regions to Agile software development has shown to not automatically deliver a higher level of product quality. This is also confirmed by the 12th Annual State of Agile report that reports that a majority of organization using Agile do not receive a benefit in terms of software quality. As a result, testing is and will remain for many years to come an indispensable part of software development. Of course, Agile does have many benefits. Benefits that are consistently being reported by those using Agile include ability to manage changing priorities, project visibility, delivery speed/time to market and increased team productivity.

This e-book provides a short overview of the TMMi, it’s background and structure. Subsequently it is  discussed how TMMi can be applied in an Agile context. Finally some of the benefits that can be and have been achieved with TMMi are presented. It concludes with a TMMi summary both from an expert and end-user point-of-view. Subsequently, for those who want more details two annexes are provided that describe the way TMMi can be applied and should be interpreted in an Agile context per TMMi process area. Annex A deals with the TMMi level 2 process areas and annex B with the TMMi level 3 process areas.

Key Takeaways:

  • Have an overview of the TMMi model and it’s background
  • Understand how TMMi and Agile can used in co-operation beneficially
  • Have an overview of the benefits that can be achieved using the TMMi model
  • Be able to relate the various improvement goals of the TMMi model at levels 2 and 3, to specific Agile practices
  • Understand the principles on how TMMi can be used for test process improvement in an Agile context.

The e-book is based on the document “TMMi in the Agile era” (version 1.1) published by the TMMi Foundation