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    Hi, my name is Anton Angelov. I live in Sofia, Bulgaria. I am a Quality Assurance Architect at Telerik a Progress Company, a leading vendor of products that make the life of programmers easier. I am passionate about automation testing and designing test harness and tools, having the best industry development practices in mind. Furthermore, I am an active blogger and the founder of Automate The Planet. I strive to make the site one of the leading authorities in Automation Testing by presenting compelling articles, inspiring ardent discussions amongst the community. I am also a Most Valuable Blogger MVB at DZone and Code Project Most Valuable Person MVP for 2016.
    You can find more information about me on my site- http://automatetheplanet.com/about-anton-angelov/ 🙂



    Hi All,

    This is Ankit Dewan. I am a test analyst out here to learn from you folks on the test related activities.

    I have 8 + years of experience working with multi-national clients like Citi , RBS etc. Currently I am living in a nice clean city by the name of Chandigarh in India.



    Hi all,
    I am Gohar – FrontEnd engineer in an IT company in Armenia. Responsible for quality of our product. I like my job and my role in our team.
    I used to notice the nature of what is happening around, so I like to test all around. 😉 My hobby is drawing, I like to listen to good music, talk with an interesting people. I like to live and share love to others.


    Servus, I´m Helmut, THE Austrian Tester aka ´president´( …of Austrian Testing Board).
    Pragmatic test consultant with passion in the best fitting model (agile, traditional, multi modal).
    The Life is to short for bad quality. Love too going to EuroSTAR and being an active part of the testing community.


    Hi all,

    I am Maharshi Shah, a software tester from India. I blog about software testing at http://www.testingdiaries.com. I am passionate about performance and mobile testing. Looking forward to learn from you all! 🙂


    Hi, I am Melvin. I work as quality assurance engineer for reservoir simulation products (software for the oil industry). I am part of the quality assurance team in the main software development center for reservoir engineering in Abingdon, UK.
    Hope to share with you (and learn from you!) about the different aspects of software testing.



    Welcome guys.

    If you are new to the community and want to share something about your background in testing, your hobbies or anything else then this is the place for it. Everyone is welcome.


    If you are new to the community…then this is the place to get to know your fellow Huddle members and testers.

    Share your story and tell a little bit about yourself.



    Hi, I’m Don and am a serial software executive who admittadely has never spent enough attention on testing and I want to change that.  Hoping to learn more about testing through this forum.

    I do have a question for folks.  Have you noticed any difference in Tricentis since a private equity firm bought a majority ownership this year.  Wondering if their products and services will get better or worse?


    am vardhhan wanna to be a professional grey box in all languages 🙂

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