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    Hello all, I’m Arianna – now engaged in (and very much new to) software testing and quality assurance. It’s exciteing to be here. Cheerio for now though!


    Hi there,

    I’m José Tavares and I’m working as a QA Architect in Porto, Portugal. I’ve been working as a QA only for 2 years, first as QA Engineer, then QA Analyst and now as a QA Architect always in an Agile environment.


    Hi, my name is Dias Jacob and I am a Software Test Engineer at Mindfire Solutions, Delhi, India. I have experience on various Performance and Security Testing projects.

    I have been always keen to understand various platforms and interested in finding solutions as to how we can optimize its performance or how we can make it more Secure.

    I hope my ongoing endeavor of learning new techniques and strategies further expands with my interaction in the forums. Also I will be glad to help out in the Security Testing and Performance Optimization areas.


    I’m Waleed Aly , QA Team Lead at Mentor Graphics (software EDA Company)
    I have 7+ experience years in testing field ..
    Looking forward to exchange some value ideas and discussions here


    My name is Cristiano Cunha I’m from Portugal, working in Farfetch as a Lead Tester.
    I started my professional career as a developer and switched to testing after a few year, since that change I never look back and love the testing role.

    I cannot wait to be in Dublin for the conference!!

    Frank Pedersen

    Hello everyone

    I am Frank Fristed Pedersen from Denmark.
    10 years ago I switched from developer to tester and have absolutely no regrets.
    I am a bit reluctant to call myself a tester, as I do a lot of other activities to ensure good quality as well.
    I work at LEGO as QA Lead and has done so for the past 5 years now.


    Hi, I’m Jan. I’m a software test specialist with over 20 years experience in testing. Prior to that, I was a developer. I love testing so much more! I have worked in various aspects of software – eg. security, web applications, healthcare. I am interested in learning more about different test automation methods, especially GUI automation.


    Hi, Celia, I run a portfolio of courses for QA and Testing in South Africa for FTI (Faculty Training Institute).
    I am passionate about education and enablement, not only in the Test Professional space.
    I have been testing and training since 1996 and have always had loads of fun and have faced many great challenges.


    Greetings all, I’m working as a test consultant in a major vehicle manufacturer. I handle a dot net application from system test to UAT based out in Stockholm, Sweden. I like to read new things about testing and its challenges in complex environments, technologies.


    Greetings. I mostly work as test manager, test coordinator or senior technical tester, often in big projects by the Dutch government.
    I spend a lot of time coaching other testers, mostly one on one – sometimes in classes or at conferences.
    My specialities are test automation and security.


    Hi I’m Andy a test Manager in the south of the UK. I currently work for Covidien, a global surgical and medical devices company but am responsible for hardware and software testing in the IS department.

    Andy Carrington-Chappell

    Teemu Vesala


    I’m Teemu Vesala, and work as QA developer at Intel Security in Helsinki office. Current main responsibility is testing the VPN stuff at the Agile team. So I’m working closely with developers. I also arrange testing training at this office every now and then. Currently I’m mostly doing manual testing, but after next release we’ll start to create test automation for my responsibility area. I started here last September so I haven’t been here very long. During these few months I have studied multiple communication protocols because they all affect to our testing. I want us to have such coverage at testing that there won’t be too much support request from customers. Covering the code is not the only thing which we should consider, but also how networks are configured. I like this kind of work. It’s great to get good feedback from project managers and developers.

    Before current work I was quality consultant about 8 years. I did all kind of technical stuff like performance testing, test automation, security testing, test data creation, test environment maintenance etc. And before that I had about 10 years experience at software development.

    The training – I started “Coffee break with the testers” training. It is 15 minute session with some specific testing or quality related topic. Only whiteboard and pens are accepted tools. No power points. First session was before Christmas and it was about mindmaps and state diagrams and how they help me to see what I should test.


    Howdy, I’m Richard from the Greater Milwaukee area of Wisconsin, USA. I am a contract engineer of many variations ranging from the nuclear power industry to radiation based medical imaging to building automation systems.

    Currently working with a test team on the integration of automated testing replace some of our manual testing. I am really enjoying this experience.

    “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” ~Mark Twain



    I’m Leigh Rathbone, bloody love testing. Been in the testing world for about 16 years now, and fell into it by chance. I had a dead end job, wasnt enjoying it, so i spun a coin to see if I should leave. I kept spinning it till i got the answer i wanted. On leaving, with no job to go to, I ended up as a data entry bod at Transco in Solihul. From there i managed to wangle my way into the test team, and …. as they say. the rest is history. For the next three years i went to a new test job in a different sector every september in order to learn new skills on testing quickly. Within 3 years i was a test manager. Since then I’ve worked at Sony Ericsson, headed up the European Test Operations at Sony playstation, headed up the testing at a clinical software firm, and now heading up the testing at a financial service company. I love life at the minute, the job I have right now is brilliant, and I simply dont want to move out of the testing domain yet.


    ¡Hello to everyone!

    I’d like to introduce myself as briefly as possible (so that none will be too bored), and to make the most out of the introduction in an efficient manner.

    First things first, my name is Andrés Curcio, and I am proud to be a Tester, personally, I deem myself to be a Software Testing Jedi Knight, and the reason for that, is that I love this craft, a craft I feel very passionate about.

    On 2014 I joined this community, and now I’ve decided to take a more active role in the community for I believe that growth requires participation, it requires involvement as well as sharing knowledge. Therefore, I will be participating from the point of view of a Moderator , and I look forward to do my best at it, so that we can all keep on learning with and from each other, whilst having fun, sharing experiences, sharing downfalls/triumphs, and also, lessons learned among others matters.

    Were you to have either questions, doubts, or just feeling like passing by to say “Hi!” to have a conversation about testing, and/or about any other topic, feel free to do so 🙂

    ¡Talking to you all around the community soon!




    I’m Craig Lynch. I am a Test Manager for a financial services company where I work mostly on web based front ends. Over the last year or so I’ve found myself falling more into administrative and political tasks rather than value add to testing.

    I’m looking to re-engage more with the testing function that was my original interest, specifically around improving automation and security knowledge.


    Hello @Craig,

    Welcome to TESTHuddle, and more importantly, to the community.

    As for the subjects you are looking for information, feel free to look around and even ask questions as necessary, our aim is to keep on growing together through sharing knowledge, as well as experiences 🙂

    Let me know if there is anything with which you need help.




    Hi all,

    I have been active on Testhuddle for a little while now but never introduced myself.

    My name is Kim and I live and work in Brighton, UK as a test lead for an online accountancy firm. My background is in linguistic games and website testing, as well as some functional testing for products that store and archive huge project information.

    Last year I went to EuroStar for the first time and loved it!
    I have also attending QA:expo in Madrid once and TestBash here in Brighton twice.

    I am passionate about testing in general and look forward to learning from each other on the forum! 🙂

    Sammy Connelly


    My name is Sammy and I’m a software tester at Tyro Payments in Sydney. I’m involved with Sydney Testers meetup. I like start-ups, technology, robots and hackathons. I’m hoping to build a tapster robot for testing with at work.


    Hello @Kim,

    It is great getting to know another passionate colleague in this craft 🙂

    Thank you for stepping up and introducing yourself.

    Let me know if there is anything I can help you with at all.

    ¡Have a great day!



    Hello @Sammy, welcome to the community!

    Thank you for stepping us and joining the crew, please, do not hesitate in letting me know if there is anything you need either guidance or help with throughout your experience here.

    ¡Have a great day!



    Adam Hepner

    Hi, I’m Adam, and I too test software.

    Oh, sorry, this isn’t Anonymous Testers :). I am an independent test consultant/freelancer, with experience since 2010. Before that I had a brief love-hate relationship with java development, which only convinced me that “y’all motherf*ers need testers”, so I immediately switched career. I’ve worked with several companies since, they’ve all been fun and very rich in experiences, and I took my time to pursue ISTQB certification (currently full advanced, but I want to grab an expert level sometime in the future, too. Oh and I do have this idea for testing-related PhD banging around my head, but I never seem to find the time to actually start proper research and article writing. Maybe soon…

    I love:
    – to see newcomers to the field find the rush for the first time
    – to work with the developers and project managers on making the products better and better
    – to identify where the process is sub-optimal, and to develop tools and methods to squeeze that couple of boring minutes out, regardless if its automating the deployment, installation, reporting, or whatever. I have actually developed a small tool to record test execution for my current customer, as well as some small powershell script to help with retrieving ever newer builds of our app. It shaves off some half an hour for every tester per day, in a team of 4 – it comes together to some nice savings.
    – oh, I had no idea what powershell was some 6 months ago, so you can imagine how I like to learn and discover new stuff

    I hate
    – incompetent middle managers. With incompetent but willing technical folks – I can work. With incompetent top management I don’t have to work. But middle managers, damn. One of my customers had all the perfect ingredients: willing CEO and CTO, willing on-site QA engineer (a student, but he was willing), nice technical team, but the middle man had been… just crap. And, thanks to that, almost all the efforts had gone to waste.

    David Chittock

    Hi, I’m David and I work in the broadcast industry for Grass Valley as a software test engineer., based in Nottingham.

    Ronan Healy

    Welcome @david and @Adam to the community.

    You might be interested in the threads in the Learning to Test series. A lot of them discuss isues like what makes a good test manager. I’d be interested in your thoughts.

    @david Sounds like an interesting role. Is that mainly TV broadcasting they do?


    Hi! I’m Bas and I’m a freelance test engineer / consultant. I mainly work on integration testing and test automation projects and I like to avoid UI test automation whenever possible.

    I’ve also done a couple of successful service virtualization implementations, which is an area that I’m really interested in as well.


    Hi All,
    My name is ery from Indonesia.
    I am new beginner in testing software, before i was in other area in IT (programmer, project manager, software implementer).
    I am very enthusiastic to learn everything related to testing regards to become expert in testing.
    currently i am testing a software product, my goal is to deliver usable and user friendly software.
    Warm regards from Indonesia.

    Ronan Healy

    @Bas and @Ery welcome to the community. I hope you find testhuddle a nice place to hang out

    @bas service virtualisation implementations have not been mentioned on the community too often. Great to have someone on board with an interest in that area.

    @ery if you are looking for resources on software testing, well you have come to the right place.


    Hi! I’m Alex,
    I stumbled into testing a few years ago on an industrial placement for my degree in chemistry and never looked back! I’m a test analyst within a company that produces software used the science industry.
    I love finding new techniques and ideas for testing and am so glad to have found this site, I’ve already watched a couple of the webinars and found them really useful!

    Elliott Stanley

    Hi, i’m Elliott.

    I’m a freelance consultant and tend to operate in Head of QA & Testing roles; usually with a heavy focus on transformation of a QA capability at a company or department level. I’m passionate about new innovations and practice and similarly passionate about the value of properly embedded testing capability within all organisations from startup through to multinationals.

    When time permits I try to attend meet ups and events, usually just to listen but sometimes to present. I like to see and hear what people are up to in the industry, what is working and what isn’t (I think there is a lot more value in hearing about the latter, and the reasons why!). I have a pragmatic view of most areas and while i’m an advocate of lean & agile practice I strongly believe no two situations or organisations are the same and thus the way to address problems is always using a mix of solutions.



    My name is Alfred and I am currently working as a Test Analyst for a HealthCare IT company in Kansas City, USA. I support mobile Apps testing efforts. I started out in the banking industry previously working for a fortune 500 bank in various roles including customer service and Business Analysis and Reporting, but have since switched gears into a career in testing within the past couple of years. I am excited to share various ideologies and good practices of testing from the diversity of skills that this community pulls together.


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