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    Tell us a little bit about yourself – what area of software testing do you work in? where do you work?


    I’m Steve. Test Manager, speaker, blogger and podcast creator. Currently working in e-commerce and m-commerce.


    Sian. Test Manager working in luxury ecommerce.



    I’m Dan Ashby. Whisky lover and a Software Testing enthusiast.
    I specialise in Exploratory, Sapient Testing and am very interested in the psychology aspect of software testing and love getting involved in the testing community!



    I am in! and it looks great.
    My name is Ard Kramer and I love testing.
    I am working in the Netherlands as a test manager and besides that I like to share my test ideas at congresses such as EuroSTAR.
    The place to be and to meet your fellow testers from all over Europe.
    I hope to be in Dublin this year and see you all there!



    Kristoffer Nordström, test developer, conference speaker, and consultant.
    Love going to EuroSTAR and being an active part of the testing community.


    Nice to see a new community site. I’m Johan Jonasson and I’m work as a testing coach in Sweden and I network with testers from literally all over the world through the International Society for Software Testing, the context-driven testing community and various national and international conferences.


    Hi guys, my name is Huib Schoots. I am a tester, consultant, conference speaker, blog writer, people lover and whisky enthusiast. I like sharing my passion for testing so I hope this community will be awesome. I love networking and that is why I am a member of TestNet, AST and ISST.



    I’m Rob, Engineering Manager at NewVoiceMedia – I blog at The Social Tester.

    Looking forward to seeing where this community heads.





    Ian McDonald, test analyst working in Agile development. Like others, I’m looking forward to seeing how this new test community develops.



    Hey guys,

    I’m Claire. I’m a Test Manager in an online savings bank in Dublin. Delighted that EuroSTAR will be hosted in Dublin this year!!! Looking forward to showing people around the city during the conference and visiting some watering holes for the important discussions around testing.


    Hi there!

    My name is Mauri, and I have just relocated to Sydney to start working as a Quality Assistance Engineer for Atlassian, nice to meet you 🙂

    I enjoy all the aspects of testing, especially its philosophy and practical application, as well as talking about it with other fellow passionate testers. Hopefully this new community provides all this and more!

    See you around,

    — Mauri


    Hi all,

    On here I’m Chidztest as Donna was already taken. I am the Test Practice Manager at Bupa UK.

    I am lucky that I get to spend my time improving testing, from development through to acceptance, and I have an avid interest in behavioural and transformational change.

    Looking forward to seeing this community evolve.



    Hi there

    Let’s make this community grow and make sure that it is a place where we can talk about testing with respect for each others opinion.

    Ruud Teunissen


    Hi there,

    I’m Roel. I work as a team manager of testers in a financial services company. We as a team work with BI and front-end applications in the financial risk domain.

    Roel Dormits


    Hi Nice to meet you at this community. I am Derk-Jan, work for Valori as test consultant in the netherlands. Looking forward to some value exchange of Ideas here on the forum.


    I’m Bryan. I am a test architect at Sioux Embedded Systems in the Netherlands. You can also find me at conference, regularly as a speaker. I love testing, and have a special interest in test automation in embedded/technical environment.
    See you,


    Hi there,

    I’m Rainer, consultant and test manager for Capgemini Germany. I am familar with testing from various IT projects abroad and in Germany. I am especially interested in testing methods, experiences from projects and creative ideas around testing.

    I am a member of the “Arbeitskreis Software-Qualität und -Fortbildung e.V.” (ASQF, Association for Software Quality and Further Education) and moderator of their special interest group “Software Test North Rhine-Westphalia”. There I organize presentations about testing, but also love to doing presentations myself.

    I frequently watch EuroSTAR webinars if possible because there are so many great ideas about testing to pick up!




    I am Meena, working as a Innovation Lead for Test Automation group in a IT company. I love to explore and create new ideas on testing. Happy to meet you all and looking forward to exchange knowledge on testing through this forum.


    hi, software tester, I specialize in functional. Working in Uruguay.


    I am Esben. I am a co-founder of CrowdCurity (www.crowdcurity.com). We provide a platform for crowdsourced security testing of web applications.

    I have a strong background in software testing from Accenture and various other companies.

    I am really interested in having a discussion on on crowdsourced software testing and the pros/cons of doing it.


    Hi, I’m Lada and I live in Zagreb, Croatia. I work as a software tester in a small company developing software for financial industry and aiming to enter other fields as well. I started in economics but ended up in software testing and business analysis, and plan to stay there 🙂


    Hi everyone. I’m Andrei, co-founder of Romanian Testing Community and Test Architect, located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania (no vampires here).
    You can ask me about anything regarding test automation & performance or triathlons :). I tweet my thoughts as @andreicontan


    Hi, I’m Dariusz. I am a head and founder of DREDAR.

    We supplement software products with appropriate quality assurance and technical communication services to build real solutions meeting end users needs.

    I have more than 10 years of experience in leading test, technical documentation and training teams in various global companies. My background covers telecommunication, embedded systems, manufacturing execution and global distribution systems. I help customers to establish, lead and improve their quality assurance activities, technical communication and trainings.


    Hi, my name is Dave Cobbe and I am a Business Analyst by profession and have worked professionally in and around London for the past +20 years. These days I now live in Switzerland and recently I started a company called Tek-Motivation.



    I am Stuart Wildman, Test Manager with Capgemini UK. 14+ years as a tester
    Live in Manchester and enjoy the outdoors.

    Having ‘fun’ logging on here, where my Username works, but entering my email address didn’t.
    The Google+ button didn’t seem to do anything, but actually it did, as my photo has been added.

    And the msg
    “Your account is now active!
    Your account was activated successfully! You can now log in with the username and password you provided when you signed up.
    Your account will be approved shortly – while you are waiting, why not visit our resources section where you will find dozens of resources including eBooks and webinar recordings: testhuddle.com/resources/ Approval should only take a few minutes!””

    Has left me wondering if this post will work or not….

    Looks like it did 🙂


    I love testing and provKiding software quality in the sense of understanding the customer needs and increase the software providers capabilities.



    I’m Viktorija, test manager from Lithuania. I hate:
    buggy software
    lazy developers
    deal with environment problems.
    to find defects without spending time on testing
    to argue with developers what is good testing
    to have proper working environment
    answer to any question, even if don’t know answer


    Hello All!

    I am Suraksha Mattoo working as an Associate Consultant with KPMG India in Software Testing wing.

    I have worked on test delivery BFSI projects , process and compliance related test activities for Fidelity Investments and have exposure to Pre Sales, BD support programs as well.

    Handled Functional, Regression assignments.

    Would love to connect – in.linkedin.com/in/surakshamattoo/


    I’m Martin, working as a senior software tester in Estonian company called Nortal.
    Been on the field since September 2006. Today operating on International field with countries like Nigeria, Botswana and Oman.
    I just love to test and think how to make testing (and software) better in my projects. Thinking along with customers is my big passion.

    Have a question, come and ask 🙂

    Take care and cheers!

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