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    My name is Alfred and I am currently working as a Test Analyst for a HealthCare IT company in Kansas City, USA. I support mobile Apps testing efforts. I started out in the banking industry previously working for a fortune 500 bank in various roles including customer service and Business Analysis and Reporting, but have since switched gears into a career in testing within the past couple of years. I am excited to share various ideologies and good practices of testing from the diversity of skills that this community pulls together.



    I’m PIeter. A test engineer for a music production software and hardware company.


    My name is Suraj Pearson. I am currently working as a Product Owner for a Automation Regression team and a Continuous Integration Team. I have worked in Automation testing for almost a decade in companies like EMC, Vmware, Citrix, Nokia and Ericsson.
    Automation is both my Passion and Hobby, so I like what I do.
    I currently live in Ireland working for a Tech Giant.


    Hi everyone ! My name is Alin and I am working as a Software Test Engineer at the German media company Haufe Group. I am involved in ensuring software quality for financial software, including desktop products, web applications and mobile banking apps. While applying agile software principles, I have gained experience in both frontend and backend testing activities.

    I am gladly involved in organizing and promoting the software testing community in my home city of Timisoara, called “Tabara de Testare” (The testing camp).


    Hi everyone, I’m Aaron and I’ve been working in Software QA for about 2 years. I have a diverse background but always had an interest in IT and eventually went back to university to do my Computer Science degree. I am currently working for a leading IT consultancy company in Ireland and am mainly interested in the test automation and test driven development spectrum. I look forward to engaging with people in the community here.


    Hi, this is Kevin from Tokyo Japan. I am working as a test automation architect at Simplex Inc. I am currently focusing on testing financial systems that involve a lot of calculations. Other than that, I want to explore more in model-based testing.


    Hello, my name is Carlos Mueses. I currently reside in Troy, Michigan in the Us, where I’m working as a QA manager for a local company. The deeper I get with the community the more I see how much more there is to be learned in terms of technical knowledge as well as a frame of thought. Most of my career has been in the eCommerce field with a main focus on the customers and how our demographic influences what’s tolerable with our product and what’s not.


    To @Alex, @Elliott, @Alfred @Pieter, @Suraj, @Aaron, @Kevin and @Carlos welcome to the community.

    It’s great to have community members from diverse backgrounds and very diverse locations. I think we have most of the globe covered now.

    I don’t need to welcome Alin as he has gone from new member to becoming a mod in the community!!


    Hi, I am Abir. I am from Bangladesh. I am a Software Tester, working seven days a week 24 hours, as you know thoughts do not leave you for any moment đŸ˜› .

    I work in a company which basically stage an web application on Java for users from a specific Industry. So the basic thing what we have to ensure is that if they are getting what they really want. That means the main focus seizes by requirements, and the more days are passed the domains getting heavier.

    So most of my week goes by just by gathering domains, checking for requirements and thinking more about requirements and more about the field of industry, documenting releases, bugs, features and learning new technologies, wandering in communities. Also I have to reproduce bugs when alert comes from users, help the support team to provide useful answers for customers, helping dba team to write reports asked from users or managers.

    And aside these I love to be with people, really love to gossip, travel, watching movies, serials. I have traveled to Thailand, India and Malaysia. I really feel jealous when I hear someone going for a travel, as I came to know today that many of my friends are setting for some travel to India and Australia tonight.

    I just traveled to a local destination Sylhet just a month ago and planning for some more traveling đŸ˜€

    Hoping all of you guys are doing well đŸ˜€


    Hello all,

    My name is Claus Petersen. I work as Test Lead at Unity Technologies. Our main product is the Unity Editor for making games across 20+ platforms. I live in Denmark.

    My primary skillset is personnel management. I manage a team of 8 people. My main professional interest is testing skills and skill development. I find it surprisingly hard to describe what makes a good tester good, without resorting to generalities and poorly defined terms (the magical “tester mindset”). When I can, I try to work on this problem. Any ideas?

    My background is in the humanistic sciences. I have worked in testing for 12 years. First in the game industry, then defence software and now game development tools.


    Good day all đŸ™‚ I’m Mansur Reza, From Bangladesh đŸ˜€


    Hi everyone đŸ™‚

    my name is Marcus Liljenberg, and im a Junior Tester. I have studied Testing for 1.5 years in the contexdriven school, and I have worked as a tester for 1.5 years. So Im green in this area, and I wont to learn moore and become a better tester. I love the exploratory part of testing, it almost feels like you are a detctive looking for new bugs. So I hope to learn moore about testing soon đŸ™‚


    Hi there,

    My name is Tomasz Szczeszak.

    I am working as System tester – SharePoint based solutions. I also have experience in automotive testing.


    Hi, I am Ajay. I am a QA team lead, for a manual testing team in Pune (India)
    I am intrested in learning automation tools like Selenium, Jmeter.



    Hia Y’all… name is Red and I’m a QA Engineer. Have been an engineer for around 12 years, and about 8 years before that worked in QA Tester/analyst/network tech positions. I live in the awesome NW US. I’ve been doing automation for years using scripting languages (Ruby, Powershell, Watir and even DOS) – and decided to pick up the big book this year and have been working solely in C# over the past few months. I love my work – it’s always different, always a challenge. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of white box testing, and thinking about how to automate that – don’t have any answers yet – but the exploration is fun! Nice to meet ya’ll. (Sorry for the slang – grew up in North Carolina, and it’s a hard habit to get rid of )


    Hi, i’m Cristi and i am a test engineer for NAPA Galati, Romania, with an experience of 4 years and my twitter is @cristi_preda


    Welcome to the community guys. I hope you take this opportunity to explore all of TEST Huddle.


    I am Hema. I worked as a tester/test manager/ trainer for 13 years. I am retired now but am a follower of news in testing and consult with small companies on their testing processes. Happy to be part of this forum.


    Hello Cristi!

    It’s great having you on board, and hopefully, you will be ready to share with the community as well from your experience. Don’t be shy! Look for a topic you see fit and start exchanging experiences with people, you will notice that the community rocks!

    Do not hesitate in contacting me should you need help!

    Have a great day!



    Hello Hema!

    Welcome to the community! It sure is great having another colleague around to share knowledge, and experiences.

    Test Huddle is a community comprised of testers who are eager to learn, and also to share knowledge, for we have something in common, and that is that testing is passion.

    Looking forward to reading your comments and thoughts throughout the site!

    Were you to require help, please, let me know.

    Have a great day!



    I am Hema and live in Bangalore, India. I worked as a software tester, trainer and project manager in a Government organization and retired 2 years ago.
    I am glad I came across this group TEST Huddle and hope to participate in the discussions. Its good to meet folks in this area from so many places and doing several exciting things. Bye.


    J R

    Hi, I’m Jacq.

    I’ve been a tester for just over a year. I do other QA stuff too like documentation when the project requires it. I work in a mobile apps development company in Dublin, Ireland.

    Small company, and I’m their first QA person. So, I’m mostly taught by developers, UX designers, and project managers — supplemented by my own reading and general flailing until I figure something out.

    Have been hoping to find a community like this.


    Hello Jacq!

    Welcome to the community! As previously expressed to other new members, it’s great seeing the community grow with the arrival of new colleagues who also share a passion for the craft.

    From your comment, it looked as though you are taking your first steps into the craft, therefore, the piece of advice I can give you now is to keep on studying and learning about it, let alone practicing it.

    In time, you will notice that your mind will stretch and expand, once that happens you’ll want to learn even more đŸ™‚

    Looking forward to reading your comments and thoughts throughout the site!

    Were you to require help, please, let me know.

    Have a great day!



    my name is Thomas Ponnet. I’ve been sharing my passion in Software Testing for the last 10+ years and have been named Test Manager for several years now. I’m interested in critical thinking and building up teams who are usually smarter than me. I could join the Whiskey club, Scottish Single Malt with lots of peat for me, pretty please.
    I”m originally from Germany, then moved to Scotland (for 11 years), then Gibraltar (1.5 years) and now back to Germany (3.5 years) but feel like I have another country in me. I hear NZ is nice đŸ™‚ So if you want to speak testing regardless where you come from, I’m all ears.


    Hello Thomas!

    Welcome to a great community of Software Testers!

    From your comment, it looked as though you have been around the world working in this great craft, you most likely have several pieces of advice to give from experiences working in different countries, and tips to exchange for testers looking to move abroad đŸ™‚

    As for your comment, I have myself felt drawn to moving to New Zealand, not long ago did I conduct an investigation to consider as many variable as possible prior to considering the idea, and it sure does look like an interesting place to be at, spend time with family, raise children, and contribute to the local Software Testing community whilst also learning from them. Should you decide to go there, make sure to let us know about your experience.

    Looking forward to reading your comments and thoughts throughout the site!

    Were you to require help, please, let me know.

    Have a great day!



    Hi, this is srinu and I am a Test Engineer having 1 year of experience in Functional Testing. I am currently working in Infosys India. I want to grow as a good tester as I can with the help of your suggestions.


    Hello Srinu, how are you?

    Welcome to a great community of Software Testers!

    From your comment, it shows you have a good attitude, that of a person who strives for learning and acquiring new knowledge to improve his craft, keep that spirit up! On the other hand, please, do also share your thoughts and experiences with us, you are bound to have something to share with us as well.

    Looking forward to reading your comments and thoughts throughout the site!

    Should you either require help, or have questions, please, let me know.

    Have a great day!



    How do you unsubscribe from email-notifications about new posts in this thread?


    @unityclaus Hi Claus, I’ll double check this for you. You should be unsubscribed now.


    Hi, Im Lindsay. I just started as a completely novice tester with A company in the UK. We are running drupal and several other technologies. Im tasked with learning testing from the ground up then increasing the decreasing the dev cycle time using something like an agile testing approach. Looking forward to the challenge and meeting everyone in the local (geographic) testing community. đŸ™‚

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