Deep Dive Week: Agile Edition Review

So its been a crazy week in Huddle world. We are just recovering from such a fun and fulfilling week of talks and sessions with some of software testing best and influential speakers. Now its time to reflect and take a look back at what took place in the Deep Dive Week: Agile Edition and how you can catch up.

So let’s look what took place:


We have two sessions based around the theme of Quality. First off Gitte Ottosen examined what does “Quality” mean for your customer? In this session she looked at the importance of understanding quality as well as examining the parameters like value and how quality can be applied.











The second session on quality was on the final day of the Deep Dive: Agile Edition. We welcomes Derk-Jan De Grood and he explored Built-In Quality. He wanted to discus how do agile coaches boost quality thinking in their teams. We had a immersive interactive session where Derk-Jan explained quality but also asked the audience their thoughts in some quick polls on what happens to the line if errors are found and maximum feedback times for different scenarios in Agile. 












AMA (Ask Me Anything)

There was two really engaging AMA (ask me anything) as part of the Deep Dive: Agile week. Two world experts in Agile came and demonstrated to us their vast knowledge of all things Agile.

The first event was with Bob Galen who explored Testing in Agile context as a start but the questions started to come in. There was so many topics covered from metrics, automation in Agile, working as a team and lots more.











Then we welcomed Lisa Cripsin who shared her experience and approach to Testing in Continuous Delivery. She also answered your questions on working with product managers, her own frameworks of Agile, risk-based testing, documentation and lots more. It was a really vibrant session with lots of interaction.











We had the opportunity to welcome some guests on to put questions to Lisa and get her expert opinion on all things Agile.


Working In A Agile Team

Another theme of the week was teams (no pun intended). In particular the issues working in an Agile team. Selena Delesie shared some real world examples in her talk Creating Agile Super Teams. Her session discussed what you should do in certain scenarios and how to address different issues that might arise if you are in an Agile team and working with management, product owners and others.









There as also some great questions from the audience asking what they should do in different circumstances.


Changing Roles

Another topic that came up during the week was the need to be flexible in Agile and in DevOps. In her talk, Hanna Dernbrant looked back on her experience of moving from a Waterfall to DevOps process. She discussed how her job has changed, what her week looks like and the importance of communication for teams in DevOps.










Overall it was a really exciting week of events. We have not even mentioned the twenty plus blog posts published on the EuroSTAR Huddle blog over the Deep Dive week that looked at a diverse range of topics in Agile. So that’s it for our first Deep Dive week. Stay tuned where we will be announcing a new Deep Dive week soon.

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