A Guide to Deep Dive Week – Automation Edition

The Huddle Deep Dive events continue on the EuroSTAR Huddle platform. We are very excited to welcome the Huddle Deep Dive Automation week taking place on 1-4 November.

The week long event will explore all aspects of test automation from automation tools to methods to common challenges you might face in test automation. Let us take a brief look at what is happening during the Deep Dive Automation week event, what to expect and how to attend.


The first day of the Deep Dive event opens with Adam Sandman & Denis Markovtsev looking at the novel use of Big data in test automation. Big Data is growing in popularity and this event will explain how big data was utilised by Adam and Denis to examine and reduce test flakiness. Part of a research project, this talk will showcase their approach of analysing 500 websites by downloading their DOM trees and performing data analysis to see how best practices developed in theory will work in practices with these sites. Using Big Data Analysis to Reduce Test Flakiness should make for a fascinating session.


There are not one but two live sessions on the second day of the Deep Dive Automation week. The first event will explore Leveraging Cypress beyond Functional Testing which will be hosted by Marie Drake. Cypress as a tool is becoming more common in test automation. This talk with Marie will look at the importance of visual testing and how to integrate visual testing plugins to Cypress.

The second talk of the day will also be the debut for a new speaker on EuroSTAR Huddle. Paul Grossman has many years of experience in automation so he is the perfect person to showcase the uses of low code automationIf you ever wondered what low code automation is, this is the talk for you. Paul will explain how you can utilise low code automation and will offer a demonstration of how to use it.


The third day of the Deep Dive Automation week and still have not passed the half-way mark. The first talk of the third day is from Corina Pip. Corina will join us to share her advice on the common mistakes in test automation. If you are new to automation or would like to compare Corina’s experience to your own, this will be a great talk to discuss the world of automation and the common pitfalls that we end up in. The Dos and Don’ts of Automation will share some of the times that automation turns out to be the great tool that does not work as we had expected.

The final talk of the third day is hosted by Julia Pottinger. Julia will be joining us to discuss API automation and in particular Scenarios to consider when doing API AutomationIf you ever wanted to explore API’s but where never sure where to start, this talk will be a great introduction to the whole field and Julia as someone experienced in this area will be a great guide.


The final day of the Deep Dive Automation week will see us ending on a high note. First off we welcome experienced test automation guru Dorothy Graham for a Ask Me Anything. She will attempt to answer any and all of your questions on test automation. So if you have a burning question or are just curious to get Dorothy’s opinion on a particular aspect of test automation, then you should join us for this exciting event.

Rounding off the week will be Bas Dijkstra who is going to ask and answer the question: Who Tests the Tests? Bas will share how you can make quality control for your automated tests part of your testing and development process. He will also introduce the technique of mutation testing and how you might use it for checking the quality of your automated tests.

Plus there will be lots more happening as part of Deep Dive Automation week including automation blogs and more. So for four packed days of talks, we hope to see you there.

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