Deep Dive Automation Week

Ready to plunge into the EuroSTAR Huddle Deep Dive – Automation Week


Get involved and buddy up with the testing community for a total immersion!

Join us for an entire week dedicated to automation. Explore test flakiness, Cypress, No Code Automation, mutation tests, and lots more at incredible live sessions with changemakers, automation innovators and giants of the testing community. You’ll be able to dip into automation blogs, submerge yourself in the best of automation eBooks, and deep dive into live talks and an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with Automation guru Dot Graham; learning everything you wanted to know about the many facets of automation testing.

Watch these sessions on demand now.



Adam Sandman & Denis Markovtsev – USA – Using Big Data Analysis to Reduce Test Flakiness


Marie Drake – UK – Leveraging Cypress beyond Functional Testing


Paul Grossman – USA – Three Steps to Faster Test Automation with Low Code Tools


Corina Pip – Romania – Do’s and Don’t of Automation


Julia Pottinger – Jamaica – Scenarios to consider when doing API Automation


Dorothy Graham – UK – Ask Me Anything on Automation


Bas Dijkstra – Netherlands – Who Tests the Tests