Adapting Automation to the Available Workforce

Colm Harrington


The challenge of producing software today is the same as it has always been: Deliver high quality software within an acceptable timeframe. The way we, as software engineers, try to tackle this challenge have changed somewhat now that we are in the ‘agile age’. Being agile means many things and one of those is that we need to automate our testing to ensure we don’t get caught up in the mire of ever increasing regression test cycles.   The requirement to deliver ‘completed’ software within the confines of a sprint means that more demands are being placed on the QA’s…....

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About Me!

Colm is a Automation architect with VCE based in Cork, Ireland with responsibilities for both front end (via Selenium) and API testing. Colm has worked in the software industry, for various companies including Microsoft and Sage Ireland, for over 10 years.His real passion is simplifying the test process of complex applications and integrating the test process seamlessly into the SDLC.

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